DW & BI Services

Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) are the cornerstones of implementing an effective strategy to compete in competitive environments. Many organizationsface the challenge of harnessing vast amounts of data and developing meaningful business analytics. At Gsquire, our consultants are leading experts in turning surplus data into actionable information, capable of informing and molding market strategies. Accessing Big Data solutions, whether though new data architecture, analytics, or the adoption of Business Intelligence (BI), is paramount to an organization’s ongoing success.

We provide the tools necessary to discern guidance from and manage your organization’s data. Together, we will pinpoint patterns, identify trends, and learn how to grow your business.

We help you design, integrate, and digest your data for strategic goals.

Our typical engagements involve Data Warehouse Creation and Management, including Data Modelling,Data Acquisition, and Meta Data Management. Business Intelligence Report Development, including Data Mining and Analytical Solutions