Government Solutions

Gsquire Government Solutions provides mission focused enterprise technology based solutions in support of intelligence, defense and homeland security customers who are responsible for ensuring the global safety and security of our nation. Gsquire has built a proven track record of successfully providing skilled Engineers and Analysts for United States government programs. Our intimate customer knowledge and domain expertise allows us to craft end-to-end solutions for these national security level projects operating in zero tolerance environments. Gsquire is adept at digging into and fully understanding our customer’s problems and requirements. We work with each of our customers to provide mission critical solutions that best meet their technical and environmental problem set in order to be able produce on-time service delivery solutions every time. We understand the importance of company culture, and work hard to create and maintain one in which all of our employees can thrive at the customer site and grow internally at Gsquire. This, along with our passion and commitment to national security, allow us to provide successful solutions to each one of our customers. Our focus areas nclude

◦ Data Warehouse

◦ Business Intelligence

◦ Cyber Security

◦ Application Development and Integration

◦ Mobile based solutions

◦  IT Resource Supply /  Staff Augmentation

◦ Program and Project Management

◦ Business Process Analysis and Development

◦ Change Management and Strategic Communications