Our employees know their industry, the dos and don’ts, the rights and wrongs.

An intimate knowledge of the tech marketplace enables us to envisage the path ahead – to meet the demands of your business and cater to its each and every need. This includes delivering and implementing bespoke strategies from concept to final delivery, incorporating the best-in-practice approaches and methodologies.

Our holistic solutions are designed to make a difference, to achieve results, and to help your business capitalize on its ROI.

Integration Services

Enterprise application integration is the process in which disparate tools, off-the-shelf applications, and legacy systems are combined to address a specific enterprise-wide need.

These events can stress existing IT systems, and create new challenges for responsible personnel. Our integration services focus on reducing cost and increasing efficiency, whether through commercial off-the-shelf products or helping legacy systems evolve with the organization.

Typically, integration includes custom coding, to incorporate components from different sources and different platforms into one single system. A deft hand and skillset is required, to create low-maintenance systems able to evolve with the company and stand the test of time.

DW & BI Services

Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) are the cornerstones of implementing an effective strategy to compete in competitive environments. Many organizationsface the challenge of harnessing vast amounts of data and developing meaningful business analytics. At Gsquire, our consultants are leading experts in turning surplus data into actionable information, capable of informing and molding market strategies. Accessing Big Data solutions, whether though new data architecture, analytics, or the adoption of Business Intelligence (BI), is paramount to an organization’s ongoing success.

We provide the tools necessary to discern guidance from and manage your organization’s data. Together, we will pinpoint patterns, identify trends, and learn how to grow your business.

We help you design, integrate, and digest your data for strategic goals.

Our typical engagements involve Data Warehouse Creation and Management, including Data Modelling,Data Acquisition, and Meta Data Management. Business Intelligence Report Development, including Data Mining and Analytical Solutions

Business Consulting Services

Our business consulting services are built upon a wealth of experience and form the bedrock of our client services. Our consultants have grown their careers in the rapidly evolving tech industry, which allows Gsquire to provide unique market insights capable of achieving true business value.

We specialize in enterprise data integration, ETL, BI solutions and data management segments.

With an intuitive knowledge of the market, the professionals at Gsquire analyze each and every need to conceptualize what solutions should be implemented
Together, we can make a difference.

Digital Services

Cloud-based services can help small businesses dramatically reduce their software and other computing costs. We help small businesses access essential tools like video conferencing, VoIP, client management, project management, mobile website configuration, and Webmail, to keep the pace in today’s interconnected world.

Staff Augmentation Services

Top technical talent has become essential to grow and succeed. The challenge of recruiting such talent in competitive markets, however, is significant.

Our recruitment team is comprised of industry leading technology management expertise, with professionals that have decades of technical recruiting experience. Gsquire’s international network helps us source talent across the globe, ensuring our clients have access to the best available.

Technology moves fast. Your business must do the same – to evolve and keep the pace in order to take advantage of opportunities. We can help you tackle aggressive timelines and development schedules. Our recruiting is catered to your organization’s exact need, from budgetary to logistical capability. This includes Contract, Contract-to-Hire and Direct Hire placement services.


BI system
Vice President

We had a great experience with the consultants from Gsquire, they all are experienced and highly expertise in Business Intelligence and Data warehouse. Again, very pleased with the services and support provided by Gsquire Team.

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Tina S
Major Telecom
Sr.Manager, Data and Information Delivery

The data analytics talent provided by Gsquire was excellent. They found us the right talent in a timely manner and we highly recommend their work to anyone that needs these resources for their projects.




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