Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility agenda at Gsquire are guided by one common commitment:

To reach out to the community, to lead healthy and happy lives. Our initiatives focus on what is right to our employees, clients, community and the environment. We believe that we can build a stable community and a world together.

Equipping US Citizens and Veterans with Workforce Skills :

Gsquire is in the process of collaborating with Non Profit Organizations to develop workforce training programs for the US citizens. These programs will impart Information Technology skills through education and onsite training that targets the unemployed, under-employed US citizens, returning veterans and under-privileged youth.

Support / Sponsor Local Schools :

Gsquire  continuously support our local schools by participating in different fundraising activities, volunteering for different school programs and sponsoring different school activities.

Free Education Program for Poor :

Gsquire care for the community and participate in ” Free Education for Poor Children”. We actively participating in sponsoring free education to the children in remote, rural areas of India . Gsquire adopted a village in India and support and sponsor every year two bright and poor school students  for their higher education. Sponsoring involves covering all the  expenses of the students for their tuition fee, lodging and boarding .  At Gsquire we believe that the best way to help our community is to support one child for the education, which will remove the poverty of a family and will give human dignity for the child.

School Improvement Projects :

Gsquire management and employees actively participate in School Improvement programs like setting up play grounds, painting the school buildings, cleaning school premises, planting trees and participating in educating the school children about sanitation and healthy living.

Throughout rural India, girls are leaving schools because of sanitation problems. In schools lucky enough to have one toilet, girls have to take turns with boys. In less fortunate areas, students are forced to use the nearby fields, a process that can be difficult and embarrassing for girls. Gsquire sponsored school building and toilets required for a remote village in India with student count of 150 during this year 2013.

Marathon Run for Cause :

Gsquire actively support community through different charitable and educational foundations which work for the benefit of underprivileged children and families around the world. Our employees actively participate in marathon run for a cause and raise funds for the underprivileged children and families around the world.